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Thank you for your interest in recruiting a new board member or enrolling a current board member through Business On Board, a nationally renowned model for board training and leadership experience. We'd like to know a little more about your organizational and board, so please use the following form to tell us a little more about your interests and goals. Please indicate in the notes below whether you are interested in (select all that apply):

(1) Finding new board members and/or
(2) Serving as an arts host organization to a Business On Board trainee. Adding this note lets us know you have reviewed and agree to our Expectations of an Arts Host Organization listed below.

This information helps us make the best match with an executive based on your needs and practices. Finally, please also submit a current board list to Once your completed application is received a member of our program staff will be in touch to schedule a meeting. Please note: a $250 placement fee is invoiced after a Business On Board graduate is elected to your board or board committee.


  • Complete the online application
  • Meet with the executive you are hosting to answer questions about your organization. We will ask the executive to contact you directly following our first Business On Board training session in October.
  • Invite the executive to all appropriate board and committee meetings during the Business On Board training program (October to March). We hope each executive will have the opportunity to attend at least one meeting each month.
  • Provide the executive with all relevant materials customarily provided to board members with an understanding that such information will be held in strict confidence.
  • Include the executive in meetings, discussions or functions that would give additional insight into board leadership and/or utilize the skills or expertise of the executive.
  • Inform the Business On Board Program Director by the end of the hosting period in June if you wish to continue a relationship with the executive.
  • If a Business On Board participant joins your board or a board committee, you will receive an invoice for a $250 placement fee.

Note: Because this hosting relationship is a part of the Business On Board training program and is not considered a final placement, there is no obligation on the part of either the host arts organization or the executive to maintain a relationship at the completion of the Business On Board assignment.

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Supplementary Materials

The Council requires a current board list to get a picture of the board makeup and to assist with making the best possible match with your organization. Please be sure to include professional affiliation. To complete your application, please enter your board list below. *

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